Mighty Jenn (mightyjenn) wrote,
Mighty Jenn

rollin' on dubs

I keep pushing the limits of how little preparation I can put into my travels. Leaving for Detroit Thursday, I only vaguely remembered my flight time, and didn't check the bus schedule to the airport. It turns out it takes more than an hour, with 3 transfers. Oops. Got to the counter just as they were closing the check-in, and then U.S. Customs grilled me for a while about the nature of this "computer science" conference I claimed to be attending. I only made the flight because they held it. I pulled the same shit in Detroit -- hadn't gotten directions to The Philosopher's house in Ontario, didn't have a map. Nor did I find out where at U. Michigan my conference was, or where I was booked to stay. But somehow the highway led me to my destinations, and the rental people hooked me up with this sweet ride:

I booked a subcompact, the cheapest thing they had, for $12 a day. But here's the deal: I don't think rental car companies even have subcompacts. That's always what I book and I always end up "upgraded" to a way nicer car.

I'm a baller. Let's go to the stats:

Books Read: 1 (plus one essay)

Books Purchased: 3

Oilers Games Won: 1

Oilers Games Lost: 1

Time Saved by Not Getting Directions or Checking Flight Times: at least 3 hours

Time Lost by ... Getting Lost: 30 minutes

Elvis Costello Concerts Enjoyed: 1

Expected Utility of Moving to Toronto: 85-90% (0%=Indiana, 100%=Vancouver)

Computer Science Talks Attended: huh?

So, quantifiably doing all right. Let's see if I can keep it up. Tomorrow I fly home only to start 2 more journeys: a road trip to the heartland of Canada (really just an excuse to make Pterals listen to my iPod for 2 days), then my brother's wedding in L.A. (really just an excuse to bake 8 fruit tarts).
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