Mighty Jenn (mightyjenn) wrote,
Mighty Jenn

strong wine and difficult love

a ny times headline that i've dreamed of. about argentina. so good. so drunk. why is argumentation so easy with people we don't care about and so very hard with the people we love? I have so much intellectual respect for some people, and I'm sure that it's mutual, but when it comes to an argument all respect flies out hthe window. Is it passion only? Does it cloud our clarity, our judgment, our cold reasoning abilities? I don't know, or the beer doesn't know.. No, I know that I dont' know. Why do I, with some people only, forget how to think? Forget how to forget about small hurts, small inconsistencies, and focus only on what is right? THis sounds like a lover's dilemma, but that's not just what I'm talking about.. even with my own brothers I find myself caught up in emotion rather than reason. When there is a contest over correctness at hand.

Intellectual respect is dry. If we could preserve it always we would be sure that we care little for the person it is applied to. Passion is sticky, it only allows a little space to respect. But it gives a much wider berth to love than respect ever did. If I weren't about to pass out I would enumerate and elucidate. Instead I say 'God it' shard to type when drunk. And God I wish you existed, and communicated, and loved the earth.' And cheers to all of the lovely intelligent people I've ever clashed with. I suddenly find myself empathetic and sympathetic and sorrowful for anyone who's ever found it difficult to communicate with someone they love and cherish and respect and hate. Sorry to all who have experienced this from me and never received the proper acknowledgment and apology. I've only just realized what happens.
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