Mighty Jenn (mightyjenn) wrote,
Mighty Jenn

he comes for conversation

A more or less faithful transcript of my brunch conversation today (inspired by the stylings of palinode and schmutzie):

RJP: <Roommate> ate your pie?
MightyJenn: Yeah, she was drunk. She felt really bad about it. But I wasn't going to eat it anyway. <Someone who was understandably angry with me> threw it at me. He bought it for my birthday dinner, but then when he got upset he threw it. So I wasn't going to eat anger-pie... Hey, don't push down on the pancakes; they won't puff up.
RJP: You'll eat the anger-cakes and like them! <Slap!>

Editor's Note: Domestic violence simulated for effect. Do not attempt this at home.
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