Mighty Jenn (mightyjenn) wrote,
Mighty Jenn

you're weird

So I have been tagged and, for the first time in my blogging history, have chosen to respond. I don't care to trace the full geneology of the tag, so I'll just shoot back to my immediate predecessor, Loxy. Weird facts about me abound, so to limit the time I spend editing out embarrassing things, I will continue the sports theme.

1. I started and failed to finish 2 seasons of cheerleading in high school. In first year (when I was a freshman, for all of my southern readers) I made it through football season, but got caught smoking a cigarette outside the gym after practice one winter afternoon. In second year they let me back on, but I got suspended for a game for dying my hair red with a magic marker, and so to make a huge, dramatic point, I quit the squad. The funny secret was, I was totally bored with the whole thing and was stoked I had a semi-good reason to quit -- I had even started "forgetting" to wear my uniform on game days so I could just sit in the bleachers and watch the games.

2. The first album I ever owned was "The Super Bowl Shuffle" recorded by the Chicago Bears in 1985. I played it on my Fisher Price record player until it died. I remember my favourite was Refrigerator Perry's rap -- maybe because he talks about cookies?

3. I run on my toes. Until I was 19ish, I walked on my toes too.

4. When I was a kid, I was in the largest amateur circus on earth. When I was a teenager, I pretended to go to circus practice but instead smoked pot with my friends.

5. Half of my entertainment value at baseball games is in buying the cheapest ticket and then trying to sweet-talk or sneak my way into the best seats I can get. (The other half is beer.)

Alright, I'm fed up, I've had enough. I tag no-one.
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