Mighty Jenn (mightyjenn) wrote,
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jenn & shelby's book of interesting but true facts

My niece and I wrote a tag-team story, taking turns adding sentences. She typed most of it. I've left it as is, except I italicized the sentences written by one of us.


Shelby had 12 green inch worms in her pocket. The green turned to blue. As she was soon to realise,
these weren't quite inch worms but baby camilons.They started to climb out of her pocket and crawl down her leg.
As they neared her knee their blue quickly shimmered into a peachy flesh color.They started biting her all over.
''What did I ever do to you?'' Shelby screamed as she franticly brushed them from her leg. When they reached the ground they started flying!As she was soon to realise these weren't quite baby camilions but baby dragonflies.The dragonflies went to eat insects but in an instant....they vanished! As she was soon to realize, baby dragonflies can adapt their color to anything -- even air! Shelby stood there wondering what happened... she heard a loud boom! She looked straight ahead and the dragonflies were not only flying but they had stripes on them! As she was soon to realize, the dragonflies had flown directly into a soccer game between the Buford Candy Canes and the Lawrenceville Barber Poles, arch rivals with matching jerseys. The jerseys just changed colors! Instead of their distinctive red and white stripes, the Candy Canes and the Barber Poles now seemed to be wearing shimmery, scaly, blue-green evening dresses. Shelby realised that the dragonflies and the Candy Canes ! and Barber Poles were both magic in the same way! "But really," she thought, "doesn't it defeat the purpose to adopt the colorings of your surroundings, if your surroundings are going to adopt YOUR color? Evolution really has gotten out of hand!"Just like the dragonflies, the two teams vanished just like the dragonflies! ''That's weird! The score was tied.'' The teams were gone and they had 1:00 left until they had to start playing again! Shelby called out for the teams and ran onto the field to pick up the ball. In just an instant, The something came and yanked the ball right out of her hand! She stood in wonder as the ball began to zig, zag and zoom across the field, then over her head and finally hard into the goal, prompting a roar of cheers from some invisible crowd of people. The drangonflies came back where people could see them,
and they started doing flips in the air!
Shelby was so confused -- who scored? Were the dragonflies celebrating? Or were they just attention hogs? The dragonflies were being the cheerleaders for the soccer game!!!! But what she really wanted to know was -- were they cheering for HER team, the Candy Canes, and had her favorite player, Ima Hogg, scored that amazing goal??? They were cheering because Ima Hogg scored an amazing goal. Woo hoo! But Shelby sure wished SHE could be watching the game and cheering along with the dragonflies. In just an instant the game turned back on and they got fired up!! But still she could only see the ball traveling up and down the field as the dragonflies went wild. The dragonflies magicly turned away from the field and the team came back to sight!
It was a miracle!!!!
Perhaps... or perhaps something more mundane -- was it possible that the soccer teams and dragonflies had only a limited amount of time for their color changes? The dragonflies did the most magical thing..... they got the ball and kicked it to the goal and scored 10 points....... but ........ for which team! If dragonflies are allowed to storm the field and score 10 points at a time, then maybe all the rules had changed! Maybe the goal had been for the dragonflies themselves! But the dragonflies are cheerleaders. But maybe they're players and cheerleaders at the same time! Shelby didn't know what to think, but she was pretty happy that she'd stuffed these magical dragonflies in her pocket down by the pond. While she was at the pond she thought she'd go for a swim....but when she got out of the pond and checked her pocket the dragonflies were gone. As she now realized, the dragonflies had not gone, but simply taken on the color of water. She look! ed down and the dragonflies were swimming. Then she looked up and the dragonflies were flying. There was a pattern going on! Shelby was so confused she was ready to go home until one dragonfly started talking!!!!!!!! It was amazing. The dragonfly explained that she would soon realize many things about him and his kind. First she would be confused, and unable to understand that these dragonflies were anything other than ordinary worms, or reptiles, or insects. What were they?
''Hold on a minute'' Shelby said. "So you can kick a soccer ball, change colors,vanish and even fly and you're a dragonfly?! How strange!
I can't wait to see this!" Now that she had seen it all, and was still experiencing the magic, she wondered if there was any way for HER to be part of it. She suddenly felt an instant of magic! The dragonflies had turned Shelby into air! ''Ahhhhhhhh'' she screamed. Now, the curious reader may be asking herself "How did Shelby know she was air?" Well, as you will soon realize, being air is a distinctive and unique experience. Shelby new she was air because she could feel herself blowing.
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